Dark Science

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Science week for adults! Set during science week over three nights come and experience an experimental and wacky program aimed to explore the darker side of science

Mr Filthy and Professor Jorkoff - Andy Forbes


The performance explores themes of science gone wrong and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein while creating a contemporary narrative that comically illustrates notions of addiction, fetish, god complex and mental illness. Two gothic characters anguish and fetishize inside a laboratory caravan of horrors. Performances are mesmerizing sometimes lasting many hours. Some of the tests include anatomical and ESP experiments performed on corpses and live humans often extracted from the audience. The caravan becomes a mini theatre revealing a macabre display of taxidermy and chemistry glassware colourfully lit and complimented by smoke and lasers. Mobile video projectors map grotesque anatomical images onto the re-animated abominations. The installation is set to an eerie audio loop sampled from science fictions classic film War of the Worlds, The result is an intense sense of foreboding hypnotically suggesting to the audience that something awful yet hilarious is about to be witnessed.


Inter-Galactic Dub Lab - Sound & Vision - Mick Dick and Kellie O’Dempsey

Travel the space waves, communicating with life beyond our solar system, Dub mad Mick Dick transcends the sonic realms through reverb and delay mixing live dub roots reggae. Together with cosmic visionary Kellie O’Dempsey who draws with beams of light that project into the darkness of deep space.

Inter-Galactic Dub talks to the stars, sound and light tripping into the galaxy with interstellar messages of peace and pleasure.

More acts to be annouced!