Dark Science

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Kooky, wacky, weird and wonderful. DARK SCIENCE is a new freaky festival of fun taking over The Quad, Lismore for two nights after dark on Fri 16 and Sat 17 August. Set during science week, DARK SCIENCE is a free event celebrating the intersection between provocative art, performance and the sciences - for adults!


Not only is sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling, world record holder The Space Cowboy premiering a brand new show Imagination Rules The World made especially for DARK SCIENCE, The Quad is thrilled to announce The Monster Sideshow have joined the caravan of crazy that is the DARK SCIENCE line-up. Prepare to be entertained and a little horrified as this sideshow duo perform acts of the unimaginable in the Dejavoodoo Dome in the middle of The Quad. Watch daredevil diva Zoe L’Amore climb a ladder of sword blades barefoot and take a seat in an electrified chair shooting flames from her finger tips. She’ll be joined by The Space Cowboy on Friday night and Shep Huntley 'The King of Animal Traps' on Saturday night.


Also on hand to entertain and mystify at DARK SCIENCE are Mr Filthy and Professor Pickles, undertaking a durational performance over four hours in a macabre vintage caravan exploring themes of science gone wrong and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. Travel the bass spacewaves with Intergalactic Dub Lab, a live roots dub mix-up with DJ Wonkytooth at the controls while artist Kellie O’Dempsey draws with light beams. Costumed anti-heroes Uniglo will mesmerize their fusion of electronic styles, punk, industrial and metal music. Come together on Saturday night with The Dark Shire Choir to sing a dark, dark pop song (ticketed event $10).


Public Act Theatre will perform ‘The Conduits’ a two-hour interactive performance art piece and Eve on Tour: Encounter on a Precarious Surface will build sculptures with scaffolding, create rhythms with bodies and objects and dance rapturous choreography to rock songs.


The dungeons of the Conservatorium of Music host a wealth of weirdness including a Dark Museum of intrigue by Cloudbeard and AñA Wojak, Al Khem in the Alchemist’s Den, animated videos by Karena Wynn Moylan and the Corridor of Doom and Haunted Clubhouse crawling with kooky paste ups, DJs and performance art.


North Coast Astronomy will be out in The Quad with their mega powerful telescopes so you can watch the moon rise and see our galaxy up close and Lismore Regional Gallery keep their doors open into the evening so people can experience the Idle Worship exhibition opening on Friday night and all exhibitions. Fire pits and mulled wine will be on hand to keep you kooks warm.







A free after-dark festival celebrating all things experimental, brave and mysterious!
Friday 16 & Saturday 17 August


The Quad, 11 Rural St, Lismore (between Lismore Regional Gallery, The Con & the Library)

Recommended for ages 15+