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Patterns is the working title of a new site-specific dance work by VK Collective - Vivian Frehner and Kimberley McIntyre, in collaboration with dancers Phil Blackman and Colleen Coy.

The concept of the work is four dancers, moving and responding to each other supported by four musicians performing a new musical work composed by Australian musician Barry Hill.

Patterns is influenced by the work of Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and hybridised improvised movement concepts including “walking scores” that engage with De Keersmaeker’s thematic aim; to “intensify the relation between dance and music”. Patterns presents a movement score derived from making connections; via the art of collaboration, responsive engagement, and shared knowledge, both musical and choreographic. Patterns investigates abstract play, timing, spacial responses within a non-linear narrative pattern. Framed by the space as a spatialised image, it is a return to pure movement.

The music accompanying the work is a composition entitled “Iti Wan Seju” and is music for Tuned Mallet Percussion and Electronics. It is performed by students and alumni of the Southern Cross Contemporary Music Program.  As a compositional work it is informed by the musical ideas of Brian Eno and Steve Reich and Electro minimalists Autechre.

The sounds are inspired by imagery of a strange future Anthropocene/urban space.

The composition is based around melodic concepts that draw on unique number sequence music composition processes pioneered by percussionist Greg Sheehan, acknowledged as one of Australia’s most iconic virtuoso contemporary musicians.  

The music is formed from two short number sequences that add up to 16; the first sequence 727.  The second sequence 33433.

These number sequences are reordered doubled, redivided, mirrored, retrograded to form cells of longer sequences e.g. 727 772 277 772 277 772 16261, 33433 34333 43333

These sequences are used to create two intertwining, diatonic, repetitive and slightly confusing melodic voicings; a sonification of repeating code that seeks to reflect contemporary human identity as repetitive and formulaic defined by unintelligible number sequences existing in the digital binary virtual space.

The Dance work incorporates a cinematic quad surround sound system. 

The sounds of the metal percussion are recorded and reprocessed by animated digital sound audio processors and are rebroadcast in the space using a quad surround audio speaker setup, 

This process creates shadowy sonic artefacts constructed of fragmented processed audio signals that seem to follow lead and accompany the dancers around the space.

 This performance of Patterns has been funded by Plein Air an open-air residency program which fosters works that explore themes relating to the activation of public space.

The activation of the Quad is the result of a strategic partnership between Lismore City Council and Southern Cross University.

Choreography and Movement Concept: Vivian Frehner and Kimberley McIntyre

Music composition: Barry Hill

Performances @ 11am /12pm /1pm  | Sat 20th October


Phil Blackman

Colleen Coy

Vivian Frehner

Kimberley McIntyre


Ben Buckley

Phil Chambin

Sarah Elliott

Benjamin Ryan