SPIN @ The Dance Cycle

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SPIN is a program of Saturday nights at The Dance Cycle – a custom made dance floor in the Quad operated via a re-purposed washing machine!

The free curated program runs every Saturday night from the 10th November to the 15th December from 7-9pm. SPIN features local established and emerging dance artists with performances, interactive experiences and workshops - come dance with your neighbours! 




Sat 10th November: Byron Latin Dance Collective - a local dance group that teaches & showcases the Latin styles of Salsa, Bachata & Cha Cha Cha. 


Sat 17th November: Arte Gitana are a group that specialise in the Spanish art of Flamenco. Performance and a short dance workshop and then an open dance floor so we can all kick up our heels together. 


Sat 24th November: 'So you think you can Interpretive Dance' Interactive Game Show - hosted by Mae Wilde with a panel of judges including Kirk Page, Kate McDowell and Katie Cooper-Wares. 'Fancy yourself a disco wiz? A hip-hop hero? A jazz hands jezebel?'


Sat 1st December: Sprung!! Integrated Dance Theatre - Dancers with and without disabilities showcasing their inspiring dance theatre works that explore the human condition and promote a more inclusive society.


Sat 8th December: 

Double Bill: Demonstrations and Workshops & open dance floor

 #1: Physical theatre, circus & creative play 

 #2: Capoeira: an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music    


Sat 15th December:

Double Bill: 

#1: Mitch King & Tess Eckert - Hip Hop performance and workshop

#2: The Flash Collective - 90s Rave

Wear white or neon clothing/costumes for a spin rave finale to remember!!!


The Quad is brought to lift thanks to a partnership between Lismore City Council and Southern Cross University.


Happy Dancing!